Wilma Fasola

Initially Wilma Fasola wanted to become a detective superintendent. In the end, however, she decided that her thirst for knowledge would be better served by a career in journalism. In the meantime she has worked in this discipline for over 15 years and focuses on a combination of business and lifestyle topics. She finds the articles about brands especially intriguing, because there’s often more to the topic than meets the eye at first glance.

Bild/Picture Rob Melville – The Man with a Dream Job

Rob Melville – The Man with a Dream Job

McLaren’s chief designer speaks about his passion for sharp design and intuitive functionality. Continue »

Bild/Picture Steinway & Sons – Grand Success

Steinway & Sons – Grand Success

Managing director of Steinway & Sons Europe, Manfred Sitz reveals the secret of the brand’s success: Going with the times while building on traditional foundations. Continue »

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