Fabrique - Stockholm, Sweden

Stutterheim - Stockholm, Sweden

Sandqvist - Stockholm, Sweden

Hästens - Köping, Sweden

Mutterland - Hamburg, Germany

Montblanc - Hamburg, Germany

Steinway & Sons Pianos - Hamburg, Germany

Edsor Kronen - Berlin, Germany

Lala Berlin - Berlin, Germany

Schmidttakahashi - Berlin, Germany

Mongrels in Common - Berlin, Germany

Hüttenpalast - Berlin, Germany

Mykita - Berlin, Germany

Design Hotels - Berlin, Germany

Fiona Bennett - Berlin, Germany

KPM - Berlin

The Knots - Berlin, Germany

Bugaboo - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ottolenghi - London, UK

Nota Bene Global - London, England

Cook in Boots - London, Grossbritannien

Alex Monroe - London, UK

Studio Toogood - London, United Kingdom

McLaren Automotive - London, UK

Delvaux - Brussels, Belgium

Le Pain Quotidien - Brussels, Belgium

Carine Gilson - Brussels, Belgium

Playmobil - Zirndorf, Germany

Burri, Magnum, Che Guevara - Paris, France

Garance Doré - Paris, France

Heurtault - Paris, France

Aigle - Châtellerault, France

Les Frères Marchand - Lorraine, France

Hermès - Paris, France

Krug - Reims, France

MuseumsQuartier Wien - Vienna, Austria

Figlmüller - Vienna, Austria

Schumann’s - Munich, Germany

Nectar & Pulse - Munich, Germany

Classicon - Munich

Leica - Solms, Germany

Saskia Diez - Munich, Germany

Öllerer - Freilassing, Germany

Vulcano Ham - Auersbach, Austria

Caffè Ferrari - Dietikon, Switzerland

Péclard – Schober - Zurich, Switzerland

Pedrazzini Boats - Zurich, Switzerland

horgenglarus - Glarus, Switzerland

Eternit - Niederurnen, Switzerland

Julia Saner - Bern, Switzerland

FREITAG - Zurich, Switzerland

Création Baumann - Bern, Switzerland

Bachtellachs - Gibswil, Switzerland

Tossa - Turbenthal, Switzerland

Little Black Dress - Zurich, Switzerland

The Omnia - Zermatt, Schweiz

Gantenbein - Fläsch, Switzerland

Tamy Glauser - Bern, Switzerland

Poushe Strudelhaus - Zurich, Switzerland

Urban Farmers - Basel, Zurich

Griesbach - Winterthur, Switzerland

Zimmerli - Aarburg, Switzerland

Dietiker AG - Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

Luma Dry Aging Co. - Schaffhausen

Bindella - Zurich, Switzerland

Leibacher Gingerbread Makers - Wermatswil, Schweiz

Appenzeller - Appenzell, Switzerland

USM - Münsingen, Switzerland

enSoie - Zurich, Switzerland

Nenad Mlinarevic - Vitznau, Lucerne

Monkey 47 - Eigeltingen-Münchhöf, Germany

Strellson - Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Nestlé - Vevey, Switzerland

BFM - Saignelégier, Switzerland

Zai - Disentis, Switzerland

Hermès - Lyon, France

Xenia Tchoumitcheva - Lugano, Switzerland

Poliform - Inverigo, Italy

Alois Lageder - Margreid, Italien

Maison Fabre - Millau, France

Berta - Mombaruzzo, Italy

Campomaggi - S. Carlo di Cesena, Italy

El Celler de Can Roca - Girona, Spain

Oriol Balaguer - Barcelona, Spain

Ticketsbar - Barcelona, Spain

Kiton - Naples, Italy


Aigle - Fashion

Handmade in France: Rubber Boots by Aigle

Once upon a time, the rubber boots Aigle manufactures were made mainly for French farmers. Today they are coveted by trendsetters around the globe. Continue »

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe - Lifestyle

Jewelry by Alex Monroe – Handmade in the UK

«You have a certain personality, determining whether you choose to throw yourself into something or sit around and watch television all day.» Continue »

Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder - Food

Alois & Clemens Lageder – Harnessing Earth’s Energy

Since 1832, the South Tyrolean family wine estate Alois Lageder has been making exceptional wines – and that entirely in harmony with nature and the universe. Continue »


Appenzeller - Food

Christoph Holenstein – Guarding the Secret of the Cheese

He holds the traditions of his homeland in high regard and is proud to represent one of its best-known brands: Christoph Holenstein, Director of Appenzeller cheese. Continue »


Öllerer - Arts

Öllerer – Handmade Musical Mastery

Hans Kirchhofer: “Our marketing strategy is simple: We build instruments that retain their value.” Continue »


Bachtellachs - Food

Bachtellachs ‒ Going against the Flow

On a small fish farm in a valley by the Bachtel, a modest mountain in the Canton of Zurich, Yves Christian Sacher breeds Bachtellachs, or Bachtel salmon, a fine freshwater fish that is destined for upscale gastronomical establishments. Continue »


Berta - Food

Grappa Berta - Unlike Brothers Follow in their Parents' Footsteps

In order to retain as much of the pure, unadulterated flavor, Gianfranco and Paolo Berta process the original product as little as possible. Continue »


BFM - Food

Brasserie des Franches Montagnes

Beer maker Jérôme Rebetez – a brand resistant original brews up a storm Continue »


Bindella - Food

Rudi Bindella: “I wouldn’t want to have to go it alone.”

Family business Bindella employs over 1,000 people and owns forty restaurants throughout Switzerland. Continue »

Burri, Magnum, Che Guevara

Burri, Magnum, Che Guevara - Arts

René Burri – “I’m Not a Purist”

Photographer René Burri about the brands “Magnum”, “Che”, and himself Continue »

Caffè Ferrari

Caffè Ferrari - Food

Caffè Ferrari – stoking coal instead of raking in the cash

True passion does not extinguish upon reaching retirement age. That’s why Renato Ferrari simply never stopped working in the trade that ignites his passion: coffee. Continue »


Campomaggi - Fashion

Marco Campomaggi: «Time does not diminish our products.»

With his brand, this nonconformist captures the spirit of the times. Continue »

Carine Gilson

Carine Gilson - Fashion

Temptation that weighs a few grams only

Carine Gilson – From love at first sight to an established brand Continue »


Classicon - Lifestyle

Classicon: A Podium for Design Objects

Ten years ago, Oliver Holy started managing the brand that has come to stand for exclusive furniture design worldwide. Continue »

Cook in Boots

Cook in Boots - Food

Ravinder Bhogal – Cook in Boots

Pleasure and responsibility are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Continue »

Création Baumann

Création Baumann - Technology

Création Baumann - The stuff of dreams

"Création Baumann textiles look to the trends, but are not trendy," says CEO and company owner Philippe Baumann. Continue »


Delvaux - Fashion

Delvaux – a brand that predates its homeland

Artistic Director Veronique Branquinho upholds the tradition of a strong-minded woman leaving her mark at the illustrious leather goods company Delvaux in Brussels. Continue »

Design Hotels

Design Hotels - Travel

Design Hotels – Connecting the Dots

Claus Sendlinger has been marketing innovative and customized hospitality since 1993 Continue »

Dietiker AG

Dietiker AG - Lifestyle

Nathalie Felber: “I ask a lot of questions. That’s my approach.”

The latest design concept by furniture manufacturer Dietiker is CEO Nathalie Felber’s homage to her father, visionary and designer Urs Felber. Continue »

Edsor Kronen

Edsor Kronen - Fashion


Jan-Henrik M. Scheper-Stuke is cravat manufacturer Edsor’s young managing director and brand ambassador. Continue »

El Celler de Can Roca

El Celler de Can Roca - Food

Three Brothers, Three Stars: Joan, Josep, and Jordi Roca

Playful creativity, genuine hospitality, and authenticity are the main ingredients in top-tier restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain Continue »


enSoie - Lifestyle

enSoie – The Colorful World of the Meier Family

The shops in Zurich and Los Angeles are all about imprimé, or printed fabrics – in this case silk. In the rest of life, everything revolves around the family. Continue »


Eternit - Technology

Eternit – a uniquely versatile and timeless material

Norwegian-born Anders Holte has established Swiss fiber cement, known simply as Eternit in Switzerland, as a premium ecological construction material that is sought after by star architects. Continue »


Fabrique - Food

Take Love, Bread, and a Dash of Enthusiasm

Charlotta and David Zetterström: "Bread has to be smelled and tasted. These sensations can’t be reproduced in an ad." Continue »


Figlmüller - Food

Figlmüller – Home of the Schnitzel

Viennese siblings Hansi and Thomas Figlmüller have never expected success to be handed to them on a platter. A modern approach and traditional values are the key ingredients in their business recipe. Continue »

Fiona Bennett

Fiona Bennett - Fashion

Fiona Bennett: "A hat is the icing on the cake."

With inexorable creativity, Germany's best-known milliner crowns celebrities and style mavens Continue »


FREITAG - Fashion

FREITAG – Weathers Every Storm

The unconventional brand FREITAG not only takes its name from creators Daniel and Markus Freitag: it also rises to every challenge they face. Continue »


Gantenbein - Food

The Gantenbein Winery – A Taste of Happiness

Winegrowers Martha and Daniel Gantenbein on their life amidst the vines Continue »

Garance Doré

Garance Doré - Lifestyle

Garance Doré ‒ the girl next door who became a brand

In June 2006, Garance Doré posted her first entry on her web log. In the meantime, she has become the most famous female fashion blogger in France, maybe even in the world. Continue »


Griesbach - Fashion

Katka and Zuzka Griesbach: “Life is a bag full of emotions.”

In 2005, Griesbach & Co. was founded by two sisters. Today, their luxury leather goods are available in some twenty-odd shops in Switzerland and abroad. Continue »


Hästens - Lifestyle

Jan Ryde – One Man’s Dream of a Better World

Jan Ryde runs the Hästens family business in the fifth generation. The Swedish company manufactures hand-made beds that are considered far and wide to be the best in the world. Continue »


Hüttenpalast - Travel

Hüttenpalast ‒ The Slightly Different Hotel

Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer's Berlin hotel offers unusual overnight accommodation. Continue »


Hermès - Fashion

Hermès – The Keepers of Savoir-Faire

Founded in 1837, today Hermès is one of the most profitable and successful luxury goods manufacturers in business. Continue »


Hermès - Lifestyle

Laurent Goblet – A Flair for Horses at Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré

For almost 150 years, the French luxury goods manufacturer Hermès has been making saddles that delight both horse and rider. Continue »


Heurtault - Lifestyle

Heurtault – The Passionate Umbrella-Maker

Originally from the south of France, Michel Heurtault restores, reconstructs and manufactures luxury umbrellas in his little atelier in Paris. Continue »


horgenglarus - Lifestyle

Horgenglarus – where a chair is not just a chair

Why a small factory in Glarus produces the best chairs in the world Continue »

Julia Saner

Julia Saner - Fashion

Julia Saner – Final Destination Unknown

Although she had never given a career as a model serious consideration, in the space of just a year, Julia Saner has achieved more in the fashion world than most dare hope for in their wildest dreams. Continue »


Kiton - Fashion

Kiton – From Label to Brand

Antonio de Matteis belongs to the new generation at Italian luxury brand Kiton Continue »


KPM - Lifestyle

Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur

The Royal Porcelain Manufactory where great German artists and architects designed porcelain is a national treasure that still exists thanks to Jörg Woltmann – and his gut feeling. Continue »


Krug - Food

Krug – You Never Forget Your First Sip

With Olivier Krug, the brand is in the process of reinventing itself. After looking closely at the achievements of bygone days, the company is ready to create new stories, told with the traditional commitment to excellence. Continue »

Lala Berlin

Lala Berlin - Fashion

Leyla Piedayesh – a dreamer with both feet firmly on the ground

Lala Berlin finds inspiration in the city streets. And on the Internet. Continue »

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien - Food

Le Pain Quotidien – Passion and Providence

How Alain Coumont turned baking bread into a flourishing business. Continue »

Leibacher Gingerbread Makers

Leibacher Gingerbread Makers - Food

Leibacher Gingerbread Makers – Mouthwatering Craftsmanship

His gingerbread manufactory is a prime example: Claudio Leibacher demonstrates how to combine your passions and even earn money in the process. Continue »


Leica - Technology

Leica – The Most Magnificent Shooting Equipment in the World

Once a revolutionary and a Waldorf school teacher, now an entrepreneur and a cowboy: Andreas Kaufmann saved iconic photography brand Leica from going under. Continue »

Les Frères Marchand

Les Frères Marchand - Food

Les Frères Marchand – Three Brothers United in Their Quest for Excellent Cheese

In the French province of Lorraine, the three brothers Philippe, Patrice, and Eric Marchand have succeeded in turning their long-standing family business into an international brand. Continue »

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress - Fashion

Little Black Dress – Shows True Color

Joanna Skoczylas and Eliane Diethelm set about reinterpreting the timeless classic "la petite robe noire" in every single collection they create. Continue »

Luma Dry Aging Co.

Luma Dry Aging Co. - Food

LUMA – After the Mold Comes the Luxury

Two young Swiss entrepreneurs, Lucas Oechslin and Marco Tessaro, developed a new maturation procedure in which meat is hand-sprayed with a special mold that gives it an incredibly tender texture and a distinctive flavor. Continue »

Maison Fabre

Maison Fabre - Fashion

Maison Fabre – Handmade for hands

Jean-Marc and Oliver Fabre cultivate their family’s longstanding tradition of producing fine leather accessories. Continue »

McLaren Automotive

McLaren Automotive - Technology

Rob Melville – The Man with a Dream Job

McLaren’s chief designer speaks about his passion for sharp design and intuitive functionality. Continue »

Monkey 47

Monkey 47 - Food

Monkey 47 – Homemade Gin from the Black Forest

Dissimilar in most regards, when it comes to creating singular spirits, distillers Christoph Keller and Alexander Stein are the perfect blend. Continue »


Montblanc - Technology

Montblanc — The Symbol of Beautiful Penmanship

Jérôme Lambert: “Twenty years ago digital was cool and analog was necessary. Today digital is necessary and analog is cool.” Continue »

MuseumsQuartier Wien

MuseumsQuartier Wien - Arts

MuseumsQuartier Wien

How Daniela Enzi and Andreas Miedaner created the cultural label MQ Wien to showcase other brands. Continue »


Mutterland - Food

Mutterland: Part German-Style Delicatessen, Part Corner Shop

"To make something happen you have to give it your all," says Jan Schawe, founder and owner of Mutterland, literally "motherland." Continue »


Mykita - Lifestyle

Mykita – When the Crew's Happy, the Ship Stays on Course

Founded ten years ago by the four friends Philipp and Daniel Haffman, Moritz Krueger and Harald Gottschling, the Berlin eyewear manufacturer Mykita has been on the road to success from day one. Continue »

Nectar & Pulse

Nectar & Pulse - Travel

Nectar & Pulse – urban nomads with a flair for business

Tanja Sieder and Carina Schichl talk about soulmates, city trips, and startups. Continue »

Nenad Mlinarevic

Nenad Mlinarevic - Food

Nenad Mlinarevic – Chef of the Year 2016

The fact that 35-year-old Nenad Mlinarevic wound up working in a kitchen is pure coincidence. That he ended up being the best chef of all, is not. Continue »


Nestlé - Food

Peter Brabeck – Elevating brand management to an art form

Nestlé’s chairman and former long-time CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe explains how a global concern should be run and what strong brands are made of. Continue »

Nota Bene Global

Nota Bene Global - Travel

Nota Bene: Elaine and Anthony Lassman

Two Crusaders on Their Quest for Perfection Continue »


Ottolenghi - Food

Ottolenghi: The New Vegetarian

Yotam Ottolenghi is a master at transforming simple, fresh market produce into spectacular culinary delights. Continue »

Péclard – Schober

Péclard – Schober - Food

Michel Péclard – ascends the throne with a dash of courage

The unconventional restaurateur transformed the traditional confectionary Café Schober into his own brand. Continue »

Pedrazzini Boats

Pedrazzini Boats - Lifestyle

Pedrazzini – Boat design that reflects glamorous sophistication

Claudio Pedrazzini merges Italian elegance with Swiss boatbuilding craftsmanship to create the perfect motorboat. Continue »


Playmobil - Technology

Playmobil – A small world that triggers big adventures

"Our concept has a special ingredient in it that other toys don't have. It sparks the imagination," says Playmobil boss Horst Brandstätter. Continue »


Poliform - Lifestyle

Giovanni Anzani – Business Comes First

For the three families behind Poliform s.p.a, this furniture company’s success is their purpose in life. Continue »

Poushe Strudelhaus

Poushe Strudelhaus - Food

Strudelhaus Poushe – Eastern European Pastry Promotes New Perspectives

With their Bulgarian cuisine, Ivanka and her three daughters Violeta, Vassilena, and Vania provide a mouth-watering opportunity to explore new horizons. Continue »

Saskia Diez

Saskia Diez - Fashion

Saskia Diez – Self-Assured, Timeless, Delicate

Creations by designer Saskia Diez are simply extraordinary and their understated elegance, spiced with a dash of extravagance, resonates with women across the globe. Continue »


Schmidttakahashi - Fashion

Schmidttakahashi – Stories Woven by Time

Making fresh use of old clothes, two Berlin designers create new fashion. Continue »


Schumann’s - Lifestyle

One bar, one man, one brand – Schumann’s

Germany’s best-known barkeeper has become a living brand along with his premises on Munich’s Odeonsplatz. Continue »

Steinway & Sons Pianos

Steinway & Sons Pianos - Lifestyle

Steinway & Sons – Grand Success

Managing director of Steinway & Sons Europe, Manfred Sitz reveals the secret of the brand’s success: Going with the times while building on traditional foundations. Continue »


Strellson - Fashion

Strellson – It’s Not Just About Fashion

Chief Designer Marco Tomasi and Managing Brand Director Thomas Jaeger’s appearance is a precise reflection of the image they want their brand to project: Modern and design-oriented. Continue »

Studio Toogood

Studio Toogood - Lifestyle

Faye's Wonderland – Studio Toogood

«Everything I do should always be brave and extraordinary in some way, and I don't want it to look like anything else that you've seen before.» Continue »


Stutterheim - Fashion

Stutterheim – Embracing the Rainy Weather

The wind and waterproof raincoats made by Alexander Stutterheim stand for both tradition and sustainability. Continue »

Tamy Glauser

Tamy Glauser - Fashion

Tamy Glauser – Anything but In-Between

A Bernese model pushes boundaries with her unorthodox looks Continue »

The Knots

The Knots - Lifestyle

Katrin ten Eikelder – From New York to Berlin

At The Knots, traditional artisanship, quality and a flair for modern design converge. Continue »

The Omnia

The Omnia - Travel

The Omnia – An Alpine Sanctuary

Philippe Clarinval's unique service concept in this one-off mountain hotel in Zermatt ensures his guests of the highest level of comfort and well-being. Continue »


Ticketsbar - Food

Ticketsbar – Gourmet Cuisine at a Reduced Rate

Albert Adrià creates one-of-a-kind tapas, making the delights of gourmet cuisine accessible to all. Continue »


Titoni - Technology

Titoni: A Watchmaker Who Doesn't Peddle Dreams

Long before his competitors, Daniel Schluep, owner and director, positioned their high-quality watches in China. Continue »


Tossa - Lifestyle

Tossa – A Brand in Flux

Sonia Loosli and Beat Hübscher gradually established their furniture brand on the banks of the river Töss over the course of time. Today, the brand is poised for the next transition. Continue »

Urban Farmers

Urban Farmers - Food

UrbanFarmers – Fresh from the Rooftop

Modern urban farmers Roman Gaus and his team have developed a rooftop farming system to transform unused urban space into fertile agricultural zones Continue »


USM - Lifestyle

Alexander Schärer – Necessity-Driven Solution Becomes a Design Classic

USM Haller, the Swiss producer of modular furniture, is managed in the 4th generation by Alexander Schärer. Over time, the company’s iconic brand has become a design classic – even finding its way into New York’s MoMA. Continue »

Vulcano Ham

Vulcano Ham - Food

Franz Habel – A Man for All Seasons

The Austrian pig farmer is convinced: "You only achieve big things if you are able to move forward unencumbered." Continue »

Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Xenia Tchoumitcheva - Lifestyle

Beauty – a double-edged sword

Xenia Tchoumitcheva’s quest for the whole deal Continue »


Zai - Lifestyle

Simon Jacomet – highflier against the odds

Zai, the company with the perfectly formed skis, and its founder: A source of wonder to the design world – and a source of despair to the competition. Continue »


Zimmerli - Fashion

Zimmerli of Switzerland – Made on the Home Turf

Marcel Hossli: “The trend toward authenticity and fair working conditions plays right into our hands.” Continue »


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