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The scene is set above the rooftops of Paris. It is early morning, and a slender, almost elfin figure is leaning against a vermilion chimney pot; a young woman with long, silken, black hair and immaculate, almost porcelain-white skin. As she raises her head and gazes skyward, hundreds of poppies suddenly begin floating down from the heavens. They come to rest on gables, dormers, roof tiles, taking root there and blanketing the city in red.

That world of experience which the Japanese fashion brand Kenzo is seducing us into renders the brand tangible. And therein lies the secret of their success. Superb packaging or a striking logo alone cannot contain a fraction of the multi-sensual and memorable impact an entire story generates.

For a brand to function, it must communicate an attitude towards life, a certain spirit, both consistently and authentically. To that end, the brand needs to trigger an identical impression at each and every point of contact. From the public relations communications via the logo right down to the employees – every point of contact has to be considered with equal deliberation and given the necessary attention if brand coherence is to be achieved. Ideally, the brand spirit is enveloped within a story that reflects its message while making it wholly accessible.

Exploring this theme further, we wish to draw your attention to an interview with Brander's CEO and publisher of The Brander, René Allemann. That interview, which has been published in "PUNKT Magazin", reveals in depth how we at Branders perceive brands and why branding also includes innumerable anecdotes that absolutely deserve being told.

As always we look forward to hearing from you and much appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us,

Olivia El Sayed

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Gretta | 21.11.2011

The animated "Flowers" video is also beautiful and perfectly branded I think. The way the colors flow is truly brilliant and exemplifies the attitude behind Kenzo. They make a point of having very simple and alluring marketing. It absolutely plays to the aesthetic consumer.

Gerrilyn | 14.11.2011

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Olivia El Sayed

Olivia El Sayed

Olivia El Sayed studied German and French at the University of London. Initially employed by a music label in Germany, she also worked as an editor for various online media. Starting with Branders in 2008, she assumed responsibility as Editorial Manager of The Brander publication effective January, 2011.

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