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So here we are at the start of a brand new year: 2012 - two thousand and twelve. What does it hold in store for us?

If we consult the meaning of numbers we find the following information: In mathematics 12 is considered a sublime number, because 6, the number of its divisors and 28, the sum of its divisors, are perfect numbers. Furthermore, according to German spelling rules, 12 is the final number that is spelled out. And did you know that if you were to position 12 spheres around a sphere of the same size they would all touch each other, yet not overlap. Thus 12 is also the so-called three dimensional kissing number. Surely that can only have a positive connotation.

Between the old and the new year, I came across a chapter in a book by Holm Friebe and Philipp Anders about the meaning of numbers in branding. Think of brands such as the deodorant 8x4, the fruit juice V8 or the scents Chanel N°5 and CK one, the supermarket chain 7/11, the denim brand "7 For All Mankind" or the soft drinks that have recently exchanged their "diet" slogan in favor of a calorific countdown: First came the one-calory version introduced by Pepsi One, soon to be followed by Coca-Cola's Coke Zero. Once you think about it, it soon becomes obvious why numbers together with their intrinsic semantic value are often instrumentalized by brand creators: Each number evokes a set of associations; each number remains unique. And what else is branding about if not uniqueness?

We are delighted to welcome you to a further 12 months of "The Brander" in which we invite you to join us on our journey to explore the unknown in the world of unique brands. And, as always, we continue to look forward to your suggestions and your feedback!

With all the very best wishes for the New Year!
Olivia El Sayed

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Olivia El Sayed

Olivia El Sayed

Olivia El Sayed studied German and French at the University of London. Initially employed by a music label in Germany, she also worked as an editor for various online media. Starting with Branders in 2008, she assumed responsibility as Editorial Manager of The Brander publication effective January, 2011.

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