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Dear Readers

In our online magazine we will be portraying – as the name suggests – brands and their creators. On an ongoing basis, new stories will offer glimpses behind the scenes of large, small, and exclusive brands. Moreover, we will be publishing regular columns by known authors with their own personal take on our core topic. The current article, “Kellogg’s Trauma”, is by German-born author Juli Zeh, who shares her wry childhood memories with us. Our monthly editorial will include an overview of the newest features for your convenience.

Our cover stories are exclusive. Published by the Zurich-based agency Branders, “The Brander” combines brand lifestyle with contextual perspectives. In-depth articles, high-end photography and large photo galleries are brought together to profile personalities who have put their individual stamp on a brand. In creating our magazine, we are collaborating with professionals who value their own work as highly as the brand makers that are being portrayed. People who are dedicated to quality. Together, we intend to provide insights into worlds that would otherwise remain concealed.

In this endeavor we would greatly appreciate your contributions by sharing with us your criticisms, your suggestions, and your ideas for ongoing improvements to “The Brander”. Through continuous, interactive dialog we hope to build a platform that, in time, will result in a visual encyclopedia about those people who, together with their brands, make an impact on our world.

Please enjoy your initial browsing; we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Sincerely yours
René Allemann

Editor in Chief & Branders CEO

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Comments (3)

Thorus | 23.03.2011

Sehr interessanter Ansatz, ich wünsche viel Erfolg!

gabriella sperandio | 21.03.2011

A good brand will deliver the same experience whatever the medium and I strive my brand to leave a lasting imprinting|

Chriz | 13.03.2011

Tolle Idee, tolle Gestaltung, super Umsetzung auf dem iPad und vor allem fundiertes Know-how in spannenden Artikeln. Bitte weiter so!


René Allemann

René Allemann

Born in Zurich, René Allemann founded the consulting firm Branders in 2005. With 20 employees, the branding agency creates, maintains and manages brands. The Brander journal is published by the Branders Group.

The Brander is a publication of the Branders Group