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Dear Readers,

Almost as many songs have been written about it as about love itself, it is equally longed for, and the minute it finally arrives one starts worrying about detecting signs of its passage, all too soon heralded by brightly colored leaves slowly drifting to the ground. Small wonder we want to get the most out of the summer while it’s here.

It would be a crying shame to spend the summer months of July and August just gazing at multimedia screens. Yet in the not altogether unlikely scenario that you are taking your iPad with you to the beach and thus able to follow our updates, we have decided not to sign-off for the summer. Instead, The Brander will continue to furnish you with weekly updates.

Every other week, we will be providing a new brand feature and in-between we will be uploading further brand new columns. Additionally, a poll on future brand portraits that you might like to see on The Brander and a couple of editorials are planned either about a special subject or providing background insight into a story that has already been published. And, as of August 15, we will be back again with weekly articles about brands and their creators.

As you may have noticed The Brander uses social media showing what we like and the things we love doing. We use Twitter to gather information that our readers might enjoy too. The tweets we would like to share with you can be found at the right bottom corner of the first page on The Brander’s newsfeed.

And now: whether you’re running for shelter from a freak summer shower in your squelchy chucks, dipping your bare feet in the water at noon while enjoying a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, sitting at the water’s edge in the evening watching the shimmering waves until even the mosquitoes are too tired to bite – have a wonderful summer.

And should you come across an inspiring brand while holidaying in Capri – we are always extremely pleased to hear about your ideas and suggestions.

Whatever you are doing, let it be enjoyable!
Olivia El Sayed

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Xexilia | 15.09.2011

Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep looking for your posts.


Olivia El Sayed

Olivia El Sayed

Olivia El Sayed studied German and French at the University of London. Initially employed by a music label in Germany, she also worked as an editor for various online media. Starting with Branders in 2008, she assumed responsibility as Editorial Manager of The Brander publication effective January, 2011.

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