Core themes

Brands make a difference. They make a statement and create identification. Be it at home, at work, during our leisure time, or on the road. We portray core themes: fromservices, fashion and food right though to culture.

Bild/Picture Fashion brands

Fashion brands

Be it an old fashion that has been rediscovered or a style chosen at random, and then copied so often that it becomes a trend – or someone consciously aiming to create a brand. As trends and designs change at a breathless pace, in the fast-moving world of fashion, brands are often the only constant. Continue »

Bild/Picture Food brands

Food brands

The trend towards healthy and exclusive food products is again gaining in importance and will soon become a billion-dollar market. Increasingly, consumers are opting for authentic brands that deliver what they promise. We will be presenting a continuous selection of exciting and unique food brands. Continue »

Bild/Picture Human Brands

Human Brands

Celebrities often become brands in their own right. Whether or not those brands endure only becomes apparent once they have faded from the limelight and depends on their talents, their skills, their legends lingering on. This is the mark of distinction between brands and starlets. Continue »

Bild/Picture Zurich Special

Zurich Special

We know that Zurich is unique, afterall The Brander did not choose Zurich as its headquarters by mistake. In this year’s ranking Monocle has declared Zurich to be the most liveable city of the world. On the occasion of this ranking, we proudly present a special about Zurich's most attractive brands. Continue »

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